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Grunge for the Dead
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What is deadgrunge?
   I(vedderism) started this community originaly on GJ, but decided to relocate as there are just MORE people over here.
   The main idea of this community is for people to discuss rock bands from the early 90s. The community is also open to members who are fans of classic rock, metal and ect, and posts based on such music.
   As the community grows I hope to include resources on musicians, a link directory and ect... I will also hold contests periodically with different concepts and prizes.

How do you apply/join?
   At this time it's mandatory that all members apply and are accepted. As it can become very difficult to keep a lid on advertisers, trolls and etc, otherwise. It also seems like a good way to keep members involved and active in the community.
Any posts besides applications made by members that have not yet been accepted into the community will result in banning.
   After joining the community you have 3 days to post an application. If you don't post within these three days, you will be booted from the community.
   To apply you must create your own post and fill out the survey(located @ http://www.livejournal.com/community/deadgrunge/285.html#cutid1). At the time the survey is kind of bare bones, but serves it's purpose.
   Until the first ten members are accepted, I will accept(or rarely decline) applications.

   I have very few rules, but I expect members to follow the few I do keep. Breaking a rule could result in being banned from the community.
1) NO advertising posts. If your community is similar to ours you can either post in the link thread or contact me to exchange userinfo links.
2) All accepted members are expected to link to the community somewhere in their userinfo. Even if it's a small text link. As this community links all it's members in it's userinfo.

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