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cool idea


Ganked from so_says_i posted in xhot_rockersx:

If gas is $1 more per gallon it will KILL the small touring band. so they need your help. what you can do is spend an extra dollar here and there. if its a small $1 extra to get in....and tell them you want to help the bands with more gas than expected. or take the initiative to walk around with a hat and say you are collecting for extra gas money for the smaller TOURING bands. and split it between the bands.....if 50 people give an EXTRA $1 to help out 2 bands from far away...thats a tank of gas...and thats goes FAR.

if you are in a local band playing...donate the money you would have gotten paid to the touring bands (these are things you should do anyway, but the help is REALLY needed now)

another way is to buy merch from these bands. even if you dont like them buy a $4 7". if you do like them and were getting the 7"s anyhow. give them an extra dollar for everything you bought...say you got a shirt and CD for $18...give em a $20 and call it a day. tell them you want to help out with gas for them. if everyone helped out a little extra this would be helping out some people that are working thier asses off to give you something to do on a friday night......$1 is nothing to you..its the world to them.
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